How Cowdy Works?

Our smart neck collars monitor dairy cows 24/7, 365 days a year. Cowdy was designed with care to ensure no disruption in the dairy farm operations. Cowdy monitoring system is comfortable for cows to wear & requires little to no maintenance. Cowdy runs advanced proprietary algorithms combining dairy science, expert knowledge and machine learning to deliver actionable information at your doorstep. Cowdy was designed and developed in Bangladesh!

Heat Detection

Leave estrus detection to us & simply get notified on your phone. Increased lactation periods ensure higher profit generation from your dairy farm!

Health Alert

Get health alerts based on cow vitals and actionable recommendations to save treatment costs & potential revenue loss due to falling milk yield.

Disease Detection

Worried about disease outbreaks? We detect early disease symptoms and notify you ahead of time to reduce treatment costs & keep your cows healthy!

Monitor from Anywhere

Cowdy keeps a track of your cows 24/7 without ever getting tired. Get rid of inefficient labour, reduce operational costs & increase your profits!

Setup Cowdy in Your Farm


Strap your Cow

Step 1

Tie the cowdy on the cow’s neck. It simply consists of a strap designed to comfortably fit around the cow and a small magic box that measure temperature, activity and cow behavior, i.e. whether it’s eating, sleeping, ruminating or showing lameness.


Setup Router

Step 2

Cowdy Router can be installed by anyone in just 10 minutes. Uses cellular connectivity to pass this information to our servers. We make sense of the data using machine learning & dairy science based on each cows individual breed. No maintenance is required.


Get Alert 24/7

Step 3

The data sent from the cows undergoes through machine learning algorithms where data gets combined with expert knowledge base and years of experience. Farmers are notified every time there is a health alert or the cow shows any disease symptoms or enters into heat.

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